Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Investing

    • Why Do We Even Need To Invest?

    • What Is Investing?

    • What Kind of Returns Can I Expect?

    • The #1 Secret of SUCCESSFUL Investors

    • Timing Your Strategies - DCA vs LSI

  • 2

    Understanding Market Cycles and How They Impact Your Investments

    • Market Cycles and Relative Asset Performance

    • How To Leverage Market Cycles in Your Investment Portfolio

    • How Does The Economy Work?

  • 3

    How To Read A Stock's Financial Statements

    • How To Read The Financial Statements

    • Key Financial Ratios You Must Know

    • Extra Reading: SEC on Financial Statements

    • [Worked Example] How I Review The Financial Highlights

  • 4

    Value Investing Framework for Double-Digit Returns

    • What is Value Investing?

    • The 5-Step Framework To Spot Great Stocks

    • What Causes Stocks To Become Undervalued?

  • 5

    Moats of Valuable Companies

    • The Best Types of Economic Moats To Look Out For

    • How Do I Evaluate the Quality of Management?

  • 6

    How To Calculate Intrinsic Value

    • What is Intrinsic Value?

    • How To Calculate Actual Value of A Stock

    • Protecting Yourself With A Margin Of Safety

  • 7

    [Case Studies] Differentiating Undervalued Stock From Value Traps

    • [Case Study] Are Cash Cows Good Investments?

    • [Case Study] The Potential In This Undervalued SGX Stock

  • 8

    How To Construct Your Diversified Portfolio

    • Asset Allocation and Modern Portfolio Theory

    • The Case For and Against The Permanent Portfolio

    • Investing Using Benjamin Graham's Stock Filters

  • 9

    Behavioural Finance and Investor Psychology

    • Fundamental Analysis vs. Behavioural Sentiment

    • Psychological Biases and How You Can Prevent Them From Affecting Your Investing

  • 10

    The Ultimate Investment Funnel

    • Components of the Investment Funnel

  • 11

    Final Notes

    • Message From Your Coach

    • Going Beyond Value Investing

    • Questionnaire

    • Acknowledgement and Credits


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