Course curriculum

  • 1

    REITs, Returns and Investing Strategies

    • What You Will Get By The End of This Course

    • Why Do We Need To Invest?

    • What Is Investing?

    • What Kind of Returns Can I Expect?

    • The #1 Secret of SUCCESSFUL Investors

    • Time Strategies - DCA vs LSI

  • 2

    Structure of a REIT

    • Structure and Performance of REITs

    • Different REIT Sectors and How They Impact Your Investments

  • 3

    Analysing S-REITs

    • 2020 S-REITs Research Report

    • Checklist: How To Analyze A REIT

  • 4

    Auditing the Financial Health of a REIT

    • Financial Metrics & How To Calculate Value of a REIT

    • Are the REIT's Acquisitions Accretive or Dilutive?

  • 5

    Growth Drivers & Risks for REITs

    • Growth Drivers for REITs

    • Key Risks to Take Note of in REITS Investments

  • 6

    When To Buy and Sell a REIT

    • When To Buy / Sell A REIT

  • 7

    S-REITs Data Workbook

    • S-REITS Data Workbook

  • 8

    Behavioural Finance and Investor Psychology

    • Fundamental Analysis vs. Behavioural Sentiment

    • Psychological Biases and How You Can Prevent Them From Affecting Your Investing

  • 9

    Asset Allocation and Modern Portfolio Theory

    • Asset Allocation and Modern Portfolio Theory

    • The Case For and Against The Permanent Portfolio

    • How Many Stocks Should I Have In My Portfolio?

  • 10

    Final Notes

    • Message From Your Coach

    • Going Beyond REITs Investments for More Options and Returns

    • Questionnaire

    • Acknowledgement and Credits


  • Why should I sign up for this course?

    There are good REITs, and then there are bad ones. Unfortunately, many REIT investors have been burnt by the lower-quality REITs that have only caused them to lose money in the markets.

    In this comprehensive REITs investment course, you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know in order to invest in REITs.

    In designing and structuring this course, I basically built the exact course that I wish had existed years ago when I first started investing. This will save you all the time and money I paid to the stock market as the 5-digits in “tuition fees” to learn these lessons. You can now shortcut and ride on all these for your own benefit, all for just a small fraction of what you'll be investing into the markets over the next few years.

  • How is this different from other REITs investment courses?

    This course is designed for the beginner investor who has a smaller capital base to start with, and does not have thousands of dollars to pay for other REIT investment courses outside. The depth of content covered is pretty much the same as what you'll get elsewhere.

    Prices are deliberately kept low to serve this neglected group of entry investors, who need it more than anyone else.

  • Is this course worth my money?

    Is it better to give up the cost of a few cafe brunches (or Starbucks coffee, if that's your thing) or learn the hard way yourself by losing money in the stock markets?

    REITS can be insanely profitable for investors, but there are also REITs that have caused massive losses. For instance, investors of Lippo Malls REIT lost more than 60% of their capital within just 3 years alone - that's already $6,000 on a $10k investment!

    If learning how to invest right and methodologically can help you to avoid such losses, then the course fee would have paid for itself more than 100 times over.

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    REITs are only one class of investment products; why not expand your freedom to pick more dividend stocks instead of just limiting to real estate trusts alone?

    In this course, you will learn about other instruments that can pay you passive income including bonds, ETFs and RSS plans.

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