Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Investment and Its Returns

    • What You Can Expect by the End of this Course

    • Why Do We Even Need To Invest?

    • What Is Investing All About?

    • What Kind of Returns Can I Expect?

  • 2

    Investor Profiles - Why Do So Many People Love Dividend Investments?

    • Investor Profiles

    • Types of Investor Profiles

  • 3

    Market Cycles and How It Impacts Your Investment Performance

    • Market Cycles and Investor Psychology

    • How To Leverage Market Cycles in Your Investment Portfolio

    • How The Economic Machine Works

  • 4

    Getting Income From Exchange Traded Funds

    • What are ETFs and How Do They Work?

    • [Worked Examples] How To Analyze and Pick ETFs

    • Investing in Mutual Funds (aka Unit Trusts)

    • Investing From As Little As $100 A Month

  • 5

    Being Paid Coupons From Your Bond Investments

    • What Are Bonds & What Affects Bond Prices?

    • Different Types of Bonds & Their Investment Returns

    • How To Analyse Bonds (My 11-Step Framework)

    • Case Study - Bonds vs. Bond Funds

    • Further Reading - Hyflux Bonds

    • The Bond Ladder Strategy

  • 6

    Earn Passive Income via Dividend Stocks

    • How Dividend Stocks Work

    • How to Screen for Dividend Stocks

    • How to Calculate Dividend Yield

    • What are the Risks in Dividend Investing?

  • 7

    How To Read The Financial Statements

    • Understanding the Financial Statements

    • Key Financial Ratios You Must Know

    • [Worked Example] How I Review The Financial Highlights

    • Extra Reading: SEC on Financial Statements

  • 8

    Avoiding Losses in Your Dividend Stocks Investments

    • This Little-Known Formula Can Help Prevent You From Losing Money in Dividend Stocks

    • Case Studies: Dividend Darling A vs. Dividend Hero B

    • Further Reading: Starhub

  • 9

    When To Buy and Sell Dividend Stocks?

    • Buying and Selling Signals To Watch Out For

  • 10

    How To Invest In REITs for Dividends and Capital Growth

    • Introduction to REITS and Why Dividend Investors Love Them

    • REITs - Sectors and Performance Averages

    • Checklist: How To Analyze A REIT

    • S-REITs Research Report 2020

    • How To Analyze A REIT's Financials

    • Growth Drivers for REITs

    • Key Risks to Take Note of in REITS Investments

    • Are the REIT's Acquisitions Accretive or Dilutive?

    • When To Buy / Sell A REIT?

    • [Download] Your S-REITS Data Workbook

  • 11

    Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management

    • Asset Allocation and Modern Portfolio Theory

    • The Case For and Against The Permanent Portfolio

  • 12

    Final Notes

    • Message From Your Coach

    • Going Beyond Dividend Investments

    • Questionnaire

    • Acknowledgement and Credits


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    Most dividend investing courses only cover stocks, but you can also get paid dividends from other instruments including bonds and ETFs. Each instrument requires a different methodology to analyze and evaluate.

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